Unclog Drains
Fast and Easy!

"Using DAMYAA Air Pump Plunger™, I can finally
unclog all my drains, including sinks!"

Fits Drains of All Sizes

Includes 3 adaptors for every size of plug hole-large, small, toilet adaptors.

Clean Tough Drains

Removes the toughest of blockages with up to 30 psi of pressure.

Clears Anything Struck

Clears soap scum, trapped hair, toilet paper and more.

Clears Drains Better Than a Regular Plunger

Clears blocked drains quickly and safely.


30 Days Money Back Guaranteed

Safe To Use

You will never damage any drains using DAMYAA Air Pump Plunger™. The air pump only outputs air.

Easy To Use

DAMYAA Air Pump Plunger™ uses the power of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the toughest clogs in your drains in just seconds. Just pump the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger, the clog is cleared instantly. Much faster than traditional plungers and snake and No more wasting time on drain openers.

No Power Source Required

The plunger doesn't require any power source or charging. Take it with you anywhere!

Environmentally Friendly

A natural rubber cleaner pump for no Chemical Harm, Avoid using harmful chemicals that can corrode your pipes or endanger your family. Our Toilet Plunger is reusable and can last for years.


Drina Hemida

"This power plunger is the only thing that actually helped clear the clog in my shower! We aren’t allowed to use chemicals in our building, so I used this since it’s hard to get a plumber to visit during the COVID closures. So glad it worked! The water in drain is finally going down at a normal rate."

Frequently Asked Questions

Carl Kemp

"I had tried everything to unclog my sink, because whenever i washed my hands, brushed my teeth, or washed my hair in the sink, it would almost overflow with water...ugh! but i saw this item on Instagram, so for a couple bucks i thought it couldn't hurt. wow, the first shot of air worked like a charm. and after several more pumps, it is perfectly draining again. i still had to clean the drain metal of stuff, but the drain works perfectly now, & no plumber required. i'm very happy."

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High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue
High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue
High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue
High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue
High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue
High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue
High Pressure Air Plunger - Blue

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