Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange
Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange
Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange
Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange
Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange

Blind Dust Cleaner

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When blinds are left neglected, they can become soiled with dust, pet fur, and all the other skin cells and dander that float around the home. Fortunately, cleaning blinds isn’t that difficult of a task with the Blind Dust Cleaner Tool.

Blind Dust Cleaner

What you'll get:

  • DETACHABLE AND WASHABLE - When roller becomes dirty, twist rollers to expose new cleaning surface. When roller becomes completely soiled, remove and wash it using mild soap and warm water. Soft cotton bristles also can be machine wash

    Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange

  • UNIQUE DESIGN - According to the shape of the hand designed to increase the grip of the brush firmly in the hands of the hand, easy to control the brush with the shutter blade close contact, Simply grasp the handle and insert mini-blind cleaner, one roller between each slat, move along the slats to attract dust and dirt. Suitable for most types of blinds or similar objects.

    Blind Dust Cleaner - Orange

    Material: Plastic and Microfiber

    Frequently Asked Questions

    - Is the item durable?
    Yes, it is, as long as you use the item as intended. There is no reason it should break.

    - Is the item soft?
    Very soft.

    - Is this item easy to use?
    Very easy to use, all you need to do just clean!

    -  What are the dimensions of this item?
    6.29 x 5.31 inches or 16 x 13.5 centimeters

    30 Days Money Back Guaranteed